How Did We Get Started?

This started as all stories do with a crazy dream and an even crazier set of circumstanced that lined up to make it into a reality. To tell it properly we have to go all the way back to the beginning where we find half of our Dream Team actually working at the Rockville Centre location way back in the day when it was just a little Italian bakery. And like all employees, shifts were spent thinking of all the ways she could do it better if she was the one in charge. Fast forward a few years, a new owner and a college degree and the opportunity to take it over appeared. 21 and armed with little actual business knowledge it was an obvious yes to emptying the life savings and taking over. Meanwhile a few towns over in Long Beach what would soon be the other half of this dynamic duo was going through the same exact journey and just waiting for fate to send her through the doors of the Shoppe.

How it all started

As soon as we met it was an instant click, being at the same stages of our lives, with similar goals, and loving all the same things that the industry had to offer. We both knew that what we really wanted was to create more than just a restaurant. We wanted a place that exemplified all of their favorites things. Somewhere that could be involved with our community and leave a mark. Not just a great place for customers to come, but somewhere staff wanted to work everyday. That they could come to and make the types of life long friendships we had, all while actually enjoying their workday not dreading having to clock in. While there are plenty of management styles out there, we have always believed that good food and great service come from people who are passionate about their work, proud of it and are given the space to grow.

Thankfully with the help of some very talented chef and baker friends rotating through, we were able to expand our knowledge and find our footing in this culinary world, because well let’s be honest, you need more than just an idea, you need the actual ability to execute it. In that same way, we’ve been lucky enough to have wonderful business mentors who have taught us how to really run a business, as it turns out it’s more than just smiles. It’s helped us to turn The Flour Shoppe into something we’re so proud to be a part of everyday. Now even having the opportunities to grow to different towns, providing so many more with that same experience, something we never thought was possible as two 21 year olds way back in 2015.

why choose us

What Exactly Set Us Apart

A Great Mission

We want everyone who visits us to feel like family (and not in that cheesy way so many places claim.) We want you to truly feel welcome as soon as you step through our doors. To come visit our crews for a laugh when you’re having a bad day. And to enjoy a meal and a chat when you’re having a great day.

A Welcoming Team

We’re blessed with a crew full of fellow foodies who love to learn and experiment with new techniques. We like to think that a large part of this is the belief that if you provide a good home where everyone is welcome to have a seat at the table then everyone can flourish together.

High Quality Creative Food

Just like you, we want our family to eat quality food that’s as real and as fresh as it is tasty and unique. We believe in making things from scratch, knowing where our ingredients come from, not cutting corners and that even the smallest details deserve our full attention.

Where Can You Find Us

We’re currently the proud proprietors of two beautiful locations with hopefully plenty more to come! We’ve loved the opportunities that we’ve had to grow and the warm welcomes we’ve received at each location.

Where Are We Going Next

We're currently on the hunt for new towns that feel like home and hoping to not stop growing until you're able to find our particular slice of familiarity on every Main Street.